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Nimming Ned Song Lyrics


Song Lyrics

The Crowman

Well I was winding my way home, just the other night,
Not a thing to see, not a circle in sight
Looked into the distance, tell you seriously,
I saw the strangest creature that I ever did see!

My legs wouldn’t move I was in disbelief,
The pigs started jumpin’ and so did the sheep
The wind died slowly and the night became clear,
There were shapes in the field, they began to draw near.

Crowman dancing in the light of the moon
Dancin’ and a jiggin’ to the sound of his tune
Playin’ on his fiddle for all he was worth
You could tell he was surreal he was not of this earth…..he was a Crowman

It was too late to run, and I wanted to see,
There were scarecrow folk and they were staring at me,
So I held out my hand and I joined in the fun,
A cheer rang out, I had no need to run.

If you ever see a Crowman, dancing in the light of the moon.
There’s something you should know man, he casts a spell with his tune. And if you listen too long , until the light of the day
He’s gonna steal your soul man, steal it so far away.

Then I woke in the morning, had it all been a dream,
It all seemed so real, all the things that I’d seen.
I want to go back and go back real soon,
Im gonna dance till the dawn to the sound of his tune!

Crowman dancing in the light of the moon
Dancin’ and a jiggin’ to the sound of his tune
Playin’ on his fiddle for all he was worth
You could tell he was surreal he was not of this earth…..he was a Crowman.


The seabirds sang as I watched her drift away
The waves crashed hard upon the rocks along the bay
I watched her shape as she vanished from the view
She was gone to chase a dream in a land afar & new

I took the path just as we always used to do
In the days gone by when all our time was fresh & true
I saw here face reflect pools that lie along the way
My heart sang low as I recalled our yesterday

Her ship hit the storm it was a moonlit gale
Her mast was torn away as was her rigging & her sail
In morning calm her bow just dropped beneath a wave
All hands were lost they said, no passengers to save

Now I waste my days & I imagine that she’s near
I hear singing in the breeze I hear her whisper in my ear
As my bones grow cold then I will leave this world of men
I will run to find my girl & hold her in my arms again

And the howling wind just blew my cries away
And the lashing rain just turned my tears into spray
I will make my vow that I will be there soon

Just as day needs sun & night belongs to moon

The Hermit

I’ll sing you a song of a man that I’ve seen
And he lives in a world , in a world that’s a dream
He sleeps in a hole with his cats and his dogs
He talks to the trees and he’s friends with the frogs

He has no beliefs and he has no ideals
He does what he likes, he just does what he feels
He wakes in the morning and the birds sing him songs
He has no possessions, they don’t last too long

I’ll sing you a song of this man that I’ve seen
And he lives in a world, in a world that’s serene
He wont change a thing, cause he likes it that way
And he’s happy to stay there till his dying day

He smiles and he sings and he laughs and he chases the sun
And he has no regrets for the things in the world he’s not done
He smiles and he sings and he laughs till the day goes away
Cause it’s time for the stars and the night-time to come out and play

Then he asks his invisible friend “Tell me something that’s new”
“There can’t be so much wrong in this world beneath clouds and sky blue”
With a tear in his eye his small friend did reply what he knew
That the world could be sad and uncertain, a lonely one too!

Glass Half Full

I was settled by the fire as the clouds were forming
I looked out of the window, it was raining dogs
In came a man and his world was fallin’
You could see it in his eyes he was almost lost.

So I listened to the man as he told his story
He tried hard all his life, but for no reward
He felt he was alone and the world ignored him
The road ahead was pointless and his life a fraud.

The fire crackled loudly and I saw him reeling
One more hit from life, he would be on the floor,
I told him he could see things from a different angle
He smiled in his eyes, he was himself once more.

Come take a drink with me, there’s a better place to be
The atmosphere will cleanse your soul, help you reach a brighter goal.

Take the time to realise, you can’t control the starry skies.
Take a look again, you’ll see the Glass is Half Full

Elsie Mo

There could be no disguise, When I looked into her eyes,
It was real,  The deal was real
The stars could collide, There’d be nowhere to hide,
How I feel This pain wouldn’t heal

I called up a friend, With an ear he could lend
He said leave her, Your minds in a fever
I cried out once more, As I ran for the door
It’s frustrating, This burning fixation

Her body was rich, Her tan hit the switch,
Her aroma, Was bowling me over,
She looked like a dream, My heart floated downstream,
Had to win her, I know I’m a sinner

Now I’ve got the girl, my heads in a whirl
No more waiting, no more anticipating
Her taste was surreal, Can’t explain how I feel
Now I’ve won her, This girl is a stunner.

As hard as I tried, couldn’t sleep in the night,
‘Cause the picture of you in my mind was so true,
Now I’m trying to find out, How I’ll get to see you again,
Elsie Mo, My Elsie Mo, my Elsie Mo, Elsie, Elsie Mo

  Nimming Ned
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The Crowman


The Hermit

Glass Half Full

Elsie Mo

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